Building a Secure Future on Distributed Ledger Technology

Blockchain is a type of DLT where transactions are recorded with an immutable cryptographic signature called a hash. The transactions are then grouped in blocks and each new block includes a hash of the previous one, chaining them together, hence why distributed ledgers are often called blockchains.

It is forecasted that the future of Financial  Services will be solely built based on the Blockchain Distributed Ledger Technology. As it stands, countries are already rebuilding key aspects of their government infrastructure, financial services transactions, and security transactions – based on DLT.

Key Components of The Blockchain DLT Solution.

  • Single shared ledger — once the transaction is validated, the record is permanent, secure and immutable.

  • A smart contract — code running on top of a blockchain that contains a set of rules under which the parties mutually agree — eliminates the need for third parties.

  • Owner of the transaction has the power to move anything of value freely and instantly without intermediaries.

  • Eliminates or reduces paper processes, need for intermediaries, speeds up transaction times and increases efficiencies and transparency.