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Achieve Greater Project Results Workshop

In 2015 Harvard Business Journal reported that among 95 Teams in 25 leading corporations, 75% of their cross-functional teams are – dysfunctional. Severely hampering the firm’s ability to make progress on critical initiatives, efficiently and effectively. Resulting in increased project cost.

The world is evolving at record speeds, and companies like yours are looking to remain competitive. Moving forward, it’s not only important, it’s vital that companies learn new models and
best practices for successful cross-functional collaboration.

We’ve all heard, it’s not ‘what’ you said, it’s ‘how’ you said it. Our “Collab Lab” will provide your project teams the keys to successful project collaboration. Learn our best practices, models, and techniques from a top tier consultant who has made a career out of successfully delivering projects. The secrets to their success can be found in this workshop.


  • What is Cross-Functional Collaboration

  • Benefits of Cross-Functional Collaboration

  • Coaching on How to Avoid Ineffective Practices

  • Best practice strategies, techniques and models

  • How to establish and cultivate a cross-functional collaboration team and culture

Who Will Benefit

  • Executives

  • Operations Managers

  • IT Managers

  • SME's or key individuals

  • Leaders