Sr Consultant

Kelly is a Sr. Consultant at BlackFin Group and the former Director of Marketing and Corporate Events at ReverseVision. During her time in the industry, she was an essential in creating an alternative lending solution concept she coined “Generational Lending” that contributed in reshaping strategy and was adopted by many top lenders. Kelly was also integral in expanding the scope of new industry professionals within the reverse space and coordinated the first-ever User Conference. This reoccurring event introduced new players like financial advisors, CPAs and attorneys to how Reverse Mortgages could be used as part of a retirement strategy and that it is their fiduciary duty to at least mention them with their clients.

With over 20 years of marketing experience, Kelly is excited to focus her efforts on furthering education and awareness of reverse mortgages and debunking the myths. She is passionate about ensuring borrowers—and their heirs—are able to make  an informed decision when deciding to age in place.