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Marketing & PR Services


At the core of BlackFin Group’s values, is a relentless

commitment to helping our clients be massively successful. 

They ‘key’ to achieving wild success is, execution. Successful execution is defined as market adoption of your brand products, and services. To effectively do this, requires a holistic strategy in all that you do from a Marketing and PR standpoint to the delivery of your products and services. 

Nobody in the industry understands this better than BlackFin.

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Our marketing services will position

your brand as a respected leader in the industry. 

Consulting: Our team of marketing consultants will help you define your organization’s brand, design a marketing strategy and plan that will position your firm as a world class brand and pave the way for significant growth. Perhaps your team is overwhelmed with all the different options to help you with your marketing needs. Let BlackFin help you take it one step at a time.

Services: Our team of marketing professionals are also available to manage and execute the required plan to building, re-building and delivering a world-class brand in the mortgage banking space. With an array of services ranging from social media, email marketing, direct marketing, to brand marketing, our marketing team can execute any level of effective marketing strategies.


Our PR services will position

your firm as an industry thought leader. 

Consulting: PR isn’t just a press release service, it’s a comprehensive strategic approach that increases brand awareness, company credibility, and trust with your targeted customer base. An effective PR strategy will ensure organic exposure and drive healthy publicity to your industry’s foremost leaders. Our consulting services provides your team the PR plan that positions your firm for significant growth.

Services: Our public relations professionals are also available to manage and execute the required PR plan that will build your brand and communicate the value your firm brings to this highly competitive industry of mortgage banking.

Sample Work: Click Here

Our marketing & PR services team has watched and studied hundreds of lenders and vendors over the last 30 years and we've seen most come and go in the business. Failures weren’t generally due to the product or service, or a lack of passion, but because they lacked an effective brand, marketing, and PR Strategy that drives adoption of their brand, products and services. 

Contact us now to learn why our Clients hire us to consult
and manage their Marketing & PR strategy.

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