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Managing Director, Partner - Reverse Mortgage

Wendy Peel is the Managing Director, Partner of the Reverse Mortgage consulting practice at BlackFin Group. In this role, she consults lenders about the power of generational lending – meeting borrowers where they are in life with the loan product that can best serve their lifestyle. Wendy is an industry expert in the Reverse Mortgage product space. Wendy is primarily focused on helping educate, design, build and implement the reverse mortgage product at mortgage lenders nationwide. Her consulting practice includes guiding lenders to implement a responsible reverse mortgage product strategy, effective operational support, efficient process flow, ensuring proper compliance requirements are met, and with technology selection, requirements, and optimization. Peel will engage senior leadership to realize the strategic and financial value of reverse mortgages. Helping lenders leverage their current technologies and/or assemble tech stacks to deliver quality FHA Home Equity Conversion Mortgages (HECM) mortgages to their customers over the age of 62. Wendy is committed to helping lenders normalize the reverse mortgage product within the existing mortgage lending operations, instead of the lending product only being available by lenders who specialized in HECM. Wendy comes to BlackFin from ReverseVision, where she served as Vice-President. Prior to ReverseVision, she was Vice-President of Sales & Marketing for CommercePromote, providers of Cloud-based SaaS applications. Wendy is recognized by the mortgage industry as a Reverse Mortgage subject matter expert. She is versed in Reverse Lending technical requirements and can effectively onboard reverse mortgage lending products to mortgage lenders. Wendy is a keynote speaker on Reverse Mortgage and serves on the board of several different HECM Boards. In 2018, Peel was recognized as an MBA NewsLink Tech All-Star for her innovative approach to reverse mortgages.

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