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What is Mission Alignment and Why is it Important?

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

The mission of a company is an embodiment of a company’s core values. It is a short statement, usually a sentence that defines what a company does. It is not a statement that companies should solely leave on a plaque on the wall, and only reference it during town hall meetings – instead, the company should adopt and demonstrate their mission statement daily through their actions, correspondence, and professionalism. A mission brings life and purpose to an organization.

The mission comes to life by the company’s leaders ensuring people, processes, and projects align to the company mission. The act of alignment defined by Merriam-Webster dictionary is the proper positioning. Thus, mission alignment is a practice that places your mission to the proper positioning so your company can reach its goals. Using the definitions of mission alignment, I have concluded that there are four core benefits of mission alignment.

1. Mission alignment gives teams a road map to best practices.

Clarity within an organization leaves less room for assumptions, and it allows all parties the autonomy within their daily tasks to make the best decisions for the company.

2. Mission alignment helps drive business and boundaries.

We have all been there, having the temptation to close the deal we accept requests, requirements, and new types of business that do not align with the mission. Great news, mission alignment will yield the ability to rationalize before a contract is signed.

3. Mission alignment protects reputation.

If people, process, and the end results of projects align with the mission then the client experience is cohesive. A great client experience delivers an increased client confidence.

4. Mission alignment strengthens the core of a business.

Purpose driven business creates a strong core structure, which can result in improved measurements in your firm’s performance.

Mission alignment can drive success for all business. It is a noteworthy practice to maintain the foundation of your business and drive your company to its future goals.

I recently joined Blackfin Group as a consultant due to them having a clear understanding of mission and how to align their mission with their services. BlackFin Group consulting specializes in the five critical disciplines of business. They provide only the best resources and expertise to ensure the successful execution of firms’ critical initiatives. BlackFin Group specializes in mortgage banking and financial services, but their fundamentals of success have been applied over multiple industries.

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What is Mission Alignment and Why is it Important?

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