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Each year, over 65% of all business and technology projects, world-wide, fail. Studies repeatedly conclude that most of these failures are not due to a technology or strategy. Instead, these failures are most often, due to people…

While Project Management provides the disciplined framework and defined set of tasks needed to effectively deliver a project (output); Program Management is the discipline and framework required to effectively manage the people to ensure successful implementation, adoption, and utilization of users – ultimately delivering the firms targeted ROI (outcome). Regardless of industry, Program Management is the solution to achieving your firm’s ROI on all projects (implementations).

Learn from a Program Management expert, the best-practices, strategies, tools, frameworks, techniques, and critical methodologies of implementing effective Program Management in your organization. Program Management will ensure you, or your client, achieve measured success with each project  initiative (implementation) through the successful adoption of your firm’s new business strategy or technology.

Objectives / Takeaways:

  • A Defined Program Management framework

  • An organizational blueprint for achieving

  • ROI on business and technology projects

  • Increased utilization rates and profitability

  • Proven strategies, techniques, checklists, frameworks, and methodologies

  • Change Management training – a critical component of Program Management

Who Will Benefit: 

  • Executives

  • Managers

  • SME's or key individuals

  • Leaders

  • Software Vendors