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Are you a small business owner, fighting to get to the next level? Whether you're a salon, restaurant, charity, or retailer - it doesn't matter what your business is - our small business consulting service is designed just for you.

To be successful in business you must master the art of all 5 critical business functions: strategy, sales & marketing, operations, technology – and people. Like our founder, sometimes he had to ask for help with one or three of these key areas. It was nothing to be ashamed of; it was simply a growing opportunity for him until he mastered those skills. The great news is that with each learning moment, he continued to grow his business. And so can you. 


"Like you, the day I started BlackFin was the most exhilarating AND scariest day of my life. In 2018 I launched a small boutique company and within three years grew it to over 3M in annual sales. Our team has been nationally recognized on cable news, ABC, NBC, etc. While my firm's specialization is in banking, the grind is no different than you face every single day. The strategies, methodologies, and frameworks for building, running, and growing a successful business are the exact same. This is why I opened a 'Small Business Consulting' division, to pay it forward and help serve our local communities."

Keith Kemph

Founder, BlackFin


Sample menu of how we are helping Small Business Owners... 

  • Strategy Advisor: Mapping out for you new ways to achieve new levels of success. Double your customers, double your revenue…

  • Operational Support: When building your business, it doesn’t take long for things to spiral out of control operationally. If you are needing someone to help reorganize, re-strategize, rebuild your operations so you can successfully scale your business and achieve twice the number of sales.

  • Secret Shopper: Curious about the customer service your team is giving when you’re not around? This highly confidential service provides you with a scorecard that empowers you with key insights about where exactly your team needs help - coaching, training, etc. Making you a better leader, them a better team member, and achieving greater sales results.

  • Full Business Review: A one week, top to bottom, audit of your business. We provide you with a final report that provides a list of key recommendations you need to do to achieve the next level of success.

  • Marketing Advisory: Tired of hearing how people stumbled on your business, or noticed you when passing by, or they forgot about you since your competitor opened? We've built one of the most powerful brand names in the banking industry. Folks, it wasn’t rocket-science. The recipe for success to building a powerful brand for you is no different. This marketing advisory service will put your business on track to being one of the most respected brands in your community while driving customer loyalty.

  • Ritz Carlton 101 Team Training: Want your team to learn how to give Ritz Carlton like service, where customers love coming back to you? This training class will have your team operating at the highest levels, having fun, and loving where they work. Remember, one of the highest costs for a business is employee turnover…

  • Go-To-Market Strategy: Have a great new idea? The amount of business failures each year is staggering - unless you have the right go-to-market strategy. Over the last 15 years we've consulted and advised over 150 companies on their go-to-market strategy. The framework you receive here will significantly lower your risk of failure and give you the best chances at success.

  • Executive Coaching: Sometimes as business owners, you need someone to talk to or bounce things off to get some validation, advice, or recommendations. And then sometimes you need a coach who will tell you to get out of your own way. This Executive Coaching isn’t designed to always make you feel good, it’s designed to help you become more successful in every aspect of your business.

  • Crisis Management: As a small business owner one single crisis can put your business on the brink. Whether it’s a customer, employee, or a negative trend line. How you manage that crisis can make or break your business. When you need a critical, non-nonsense, sounding board in your corner, we help you sift through the noise for a successful business decision and to move your team forward… 

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