The universally accepted BI problem statement in our industry is that Mortgage lenders and Servicers need actionable intelligence to remain competitive and deliver results. That  advanced intelligence is critical at every level within an organization to lower costs, reduce risk and retain or find customers. While this is true and BI software firms use it to sell their wares, this is not the answer as lenders repeatedly turn back to excel as the BI management solution. 

BlackFin Group's Data Labs is now providing mortgage lenders, servicers, and the overall industry with the service, support, critical insights, and the national average benchmarks never seen before in the industry.

At BlackFin Data Labs we are setting the new standards for designing,

building, viewing, accessing, managing actionable data that matters to your business.

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Our BI Consulting Team partners with Clients to optimize and/or transform their data into actionable insights. Our expertise ranges from creating a custom data strategy to developing and implementing data warehouses and dashboards; to integrating disparate data platforms and more. Our Mortgage BI Consulting experts are committed to helping improve your operations, reduce risks, and drive profitability.

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1. Connect Your Data: It is not possible to analyze and make decisions without first combining all your data into a singular view.
2. Analyze Data: We clean, transform, and model your data in real time - plus we provide you meaningful forecasts using our AI and ML capabilities.
3. Your Data Stories: Your data combined with industry averages, allows you to make more meaningful, actionable, business decisions.

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Between our collaboration with the Mortgage Bankers Associations Economic team and publishing meaningful industry reports - we are committed to providing meaningful insights, solutions, strategies, and frameworks for addressing the industry’s most complex challenges (i.e., The One KPI That Matters – Productivity).

Once you hear how we are helping lenders, we think you'll agree - this is the right long-term approach to BI in mortgage banking. Real time data empowers you to make real time business decisions in relation to people, process, technology, training. Our strategies and solutions will allow you to drive profitability, efficiency, productivity, and bottom line revenues.