Software System Selection Services

Lenders and Servicers, evaluating and selecting a new CRM, Point of Sale (POS), Loan Origination (LOS), or Servicing system is hard! A poor decision can cost your firm dearly. Especially when considering over 75% of  all technology projects fail. 

See below to learn about our Rapid and Advanced Selection Service

Now, lenders can avoid an outdated, costly, and the time consuming system selection process. BlackFin's Tech Stack Navigator now combines the use of technology and over 150 plus years of lending system expertise to help Clients move through the system selection investment process efficiently, effectively, and confidently. We focus on the 20% that makes your company different - and matching you up with the vendors that are best suited to your firms needs.  

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LOS, POS and Servicing Software Vendors: Never fill out an RFP again! Sign up now to become an approved Tech Stack Navigator vendor. Annual subscription guarantees your system will be considered with each client and provides a menu of benefits.
Subscription rates discounted until 1/1/23.

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Within five to seven business days, receive the top three system recommendations best for your business. Ideal for lenders closing 25M-1B in annual loans. Also advantageous for lenders who want a quick purchase validation, before making their final investment decision. 
COST: $10,299. (avg. consulting fee savings of $15k-20k) 


Within five to six weeks, receive the top three system recommendations, best for your business. Ideal for more sophisticated lenders closing 1B + in annual loans, has more sophisticated requirements, integrations, etc.. 
COST: $21,500. (avg. consulting fee savings of $20-30k)

All lenders will receive a final recommendations report and side by side comparison of the systems under consideration to help meet the lender, community bank, and credit union PMO Office (risk management) requirements. 


Historically, lenders and servicers  only had one of two options for working

 through a difficult, complex, and comprehensive new software selection investment decision.

Option One: Do it themselves. Assign a project team who generally does not have a refined framework, strategy, methodology or understanding of all the requirements or available systems in the marketplace. Doing it yourself can open your firm to the risk of being 'sold' new software. 

Option Two: Pay an expensive consulting firm to use an outdated, 25 year old, excel RFP template. Each Client then defines the 500 requirements to run their business (80% of which are actually now standard industry requirements) and then define the  new system enhancements required of their new CRM, POS, LOS or Servicing system. An exhaustive, outdated, and expensive consulting engagement that is rinsed and repeated with every Client. 

Our consultants aren't just career long consulting advisors, each of our team members have operated in the role of actual system implementation project manager, testing, training, and management of lending systems. We know the right questions to ask. Our experience ensures you are getting the best industry advice to deliver project success.

Let BlackFin help guide you to the best investment choice for your team.

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