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​With the digitization of the financial services industries, software testing has become increasingly important.  Whether it is a new implementation or managing updates and patches to existing solutions, few other IT activities can be as difficult to get right – or as costly to get wrong. The BlackFin Testing service, AFFIRM, is a defined strategy, framework, and methodology to help you get through the new technology testing process, fast! 


AFFIRM™ is a state-of-the-art testing technology blended with best in class testing consulting services. Together, AFFIRM™ delivers the most cost effective, accurate, and efficient software testing strategy. Frankly, nobody does software testing better than BlackFin Group…



When it comes to our testing services, the real game changer is our AFFIRM™ testing technology. Each client will have their own unique AFFIRM™ install. Designed and developed to support a specific software platform. The AFFIRM™ technology can then be used to assist in the testing process during implementation (as a part of our testing consulting service or independently) – and – it can remain available to a client post-launch on a subscription basis; operating as the on-going testing platform for a firms continued testing needs.


BlackFin Groups AFFIRM testing consulting services leverages both our state-of-the-art technology and our testing best practices built on decades of software implementation experience. BlackFin Group’s deep experience in developing, selecting, implementing, and supporting financial services solutions has led us to develop industry leading testing technologies and best practices.


At BlackFin Group, testing is a strategic initiative. Our dual approach to manual and automated testing campaigns are designed by BlackFin resources with financial services business and technical expertise.  Our engineers know what it takes to manufacture a loan transaction and can tailor testing processes to meet each organization’s unique business processes.

​Manual Testing Services

In mortgage lending, mortgage applications, testing has two primary elements.  First, the user experience (UX) must be assessed to determine if the application works across your environment.  Second, the testing strategy must ensure the functionality meets the business structure across all transaction variations. 

  • Detailed test plan design and definition

  • Use case definitions

  • Test case definitions

  • Manual Test script development

  • Test execution

  • Test result reporting and analysis

  • Integration testing

  • Data integrity testing

  • User interface/experience testing

  • Security testing

Automated Testing

Testing IT initiatives can be expensive and time consuming. As a result, most initiatives do not include a deep, broad sampling of business transactions making the overall results less than scientific.  Automated testing solutions offer the potential to test more scenarios but come with hefty price tags, big deployment efforts and are more typically focused on software development efforts rather than business objectives. 

BlackFin Group looked at this deficiency and knew we could develop a better solution.  AFFIRM™ is BlackFin Group’s proprietary automated testing platform and is the first designed specifically for financial services technologies. It is powered by the industry leading Selenium framework and includes an extensible, trainable system harness that provides the ability to connect to any web-based technology platform.  Use AFFIRM™ to test Loan Origination, Point of Sale, Customer Relationship Management and custom web site systems.

  • Test scripts are designed using standard Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to control navigation, scope, variable data and results.

  • Robotic Process Automation provides automated input processes across multiple platforms

  • Design test strategies using a higher volume of test cases

  • Design test scripts to test meta-data and system configurations

  • Test positive and negative scenarios

  • Full test result logging

  • Design tests for browser-based applications, websites and mobile devices

  • Test across multiple browser platforms



  • ​Greatly improve testing efficiency and accuracy.

  • Dramatically reduce testing time and resource requirements (costs).

  • Move forward with greater confidence that you will hit go-live dates.

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