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BlackFin is an umbrella of complimentary services dedicated to the lending industry. We provide key insights, services, and experts to the lending industry. BlackFin does not employ leadership advisors who have never taken a loan application, closed a loan, or served as a full-time employee at a lender. We are a team of lending and mortgage banking experts who have lived in our clients' shoes, fought the same battles, faced the same challenges, and had to implement solutions. A team that is committed to helping our clients design, build, and deliver strategies, frameworks, insights, and services that are useful, compliant, and effective.


BlackFin was founded in 2019 by our fearless leader, Keith Kemph. After nearly a decade of his working at traditional consulting firms where the primary focus was to sell a year plus contract that had over a million dollars in billable hours, and after seeing other consulting firms act unbiased but are actually reselling a select few technologies of others for their own personal gain; Keith set out to build a firm based on integrity and to make client recommendations that will be based on what's best for them. Keith has committed his firm to not participate in revenue share programs, take kick-backs, or will be an investor or board member of a firm where there is a conflict of interest that ultimately steers clients away from what is in their best interest. Based on this foundation of integrity is why BlackFin has quickly become a nationally recognized consultancy and recognized leader in the mortgage banking industry.


Nobody knows lending better, than the team at BlackFin.


Our Vision: To help you build on your specialization, your rich history, and your unique value proposition. In collaboration with our experience, thought leadership, and ability to execute - we will grow your firms success.

Our Mission: To provide personable, efficient, and effective services that deliver high impact results. We are committed to ensuring each strategic initiative we engage, is successful.

Our Values: 
Experience, Integrity, Character, Respect, Transparency, Energy, Trust, and Loyalty. Words that best describe the character and culture of our organization, our staff, our partnerships, and the resources we work with.

Our Commitment: 
We keep things simple. We measure success based on client satisfaction. We Build lasting client relationships. We provide best-in-class resources. We pride ourselves on serving you efficiently, and effectively. We bring high energy to each engagement. We deliver value.

Our Diversity (DE&I) Oath: Our only focus is employing the best, most highly qualified candidates to serve our clients. Subsequently, due to our approach, our firm is naturally diverse and equitable at all levels. We celebrate all of our people, all the time.

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