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MAX BI Software

The lending industry is highly complex. Between outdated 'static' business intelligence software and listening to people routinely lecture about volume, rates, and production outlook - the reality is that there is no actionable intelligence or business recommendations to help you make critical business decisions, faster. BlackFin provides you actionable data and insights.


The Lending industry’s first and only AI and ML based Business Intelligence software instantly delivers actionable business recommendations to lower costs and increase revenues. MAX is delivering the required next generation of Business Intelligence (BI) Solutions.


 At BlackFin we help you synthesize your micro data currently spread out between five desperate software systems - so you can make more effective business decisions, each day – that'll have the greatest impact on lowering your costs and increasing your profitability. We are changing the way lenders look at using their data. We are committed to lowering your costs and increasing your productivity and profitability.

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