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BlackFin is committed to providing lenders with key industry insights, expert business intelligence coaching, data analytics, and reports that will help solve a lenders biggest challenge and provoke transformative thinking. We encourage you to dig deeper into our industry insights to help your firm operate more efficiently and effectively. 

Financial Report


Between our reports and collaboration with the Mortgage Bankers Associations Economic team you'll find we are publishing meaningful industry reports that are sure to challenge today's norms while providing key insights to today's hottest topics and trends. You'll find meaningful insights, solutions, strategies, and frameworks for addressing the industry’s most complex challenges.

Typing on Computer


Our expert Consultants who cover all sides of the mortgage banking industry write interesting insights in our blog articles that are sure to provide quick tips and insights or will challenge common thinking about today's lending operations, technology, sales, marketing, data management, IT and cyber security. Our Consulting advisors are committed to helping improve your operations, reduce risks, and drive profitability.

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Shark Cage

BlackFin's Exclusive Podcast Series.

Since 2019, the Shark Cage has been providing unique lending industry insights. When you enter the Shark Cage, you'll hear from some of the industry's foremost leaders. Be prepared for discussions that will challenge you to think differently. Lending experts dip below the surface to debate, converse, and dig into some of the more controversial topics today. 

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