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At BlackFin our team has over 30 years’ experience working in the trenches with the GSE’s as both a ‘lender’ and as an ‘advisor.' Our experience includes working with numerous Housing and Finance Authorities, Credit Unions, Community Banks, and Independent Mortgage Bankers - we have a team with tenured background in working with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Ginnie Mae, and Correspondent Aggregators.


Here are some examples of how we can help; 


Seller/Servicer Application: Remember, it’s not just about getting approved, it’s about actual secondary execution, which comes from having the confidence you’ve mitigated all secondary and operational risk. We know first-hand that it’s not enough to have a checklist to guide you through the approval process or to have worked at the GSE’s to be able to effectively advise a client.  There are several challenges that need to be addressed to successfully apply for and execute an approval. We know because we’ve been there as a lender and as a consultant. We’ve seen the failures of lenders getting approved because they tried to take a short-cut and their advisor didn’t have operational experience as a lender to help clients meet all the requirements to ensure success. Being on the receiving end of those calls is always tough but we embrace the opportunity to help save and reset a lender’s opportunity to succeed.   

Capital Markets/Investors:  In today’s sophisticated lending climate, expertise in the GSE’s and Ginnie Mae isn’t going to be enough. Your team needs advisory that is all encompassing and has a four-dimensional hands-on experience in all aspects of Capital Markets, GSE’s, Ginnie Mae, Mortgage Servicing, and the design, build and negotiation of numerous execution models. Our extensive investor relations will connect you with industry leaders who can provide you with sound execution options.


Policy and Procedures: Whether you need to get policies and procedures, written, updated, or posted - there are no short cuts here. The fastest means to not getting approved with the GSE’s is assuming that you can buy and modify some ‘off-the-shelf policies and procedures’ and then quickly update a few with your business requirements. Don’t be confused, the GSE’s have experts who can see through “canned” policies and procedures, which is an immediate red flag in the application process. The best option is BlackFin, whereas our team of experts will ensure you have the right policies and procedures in place, QUICKLY.


Operations Due Diligence: Our team has decades of experience in the business and knows what is an effective  operations framework.  This background produces results for lenders as they develop successful secondary and warehouse banking relationships. As mortgage banking becomes more complex between compliance, state regulations, GSE and Ginnie Mae requirements – you need a team that can conduct effective operational reviews and advise on process workflow changes that will have minimal impact on your teams day-to-day.


What is our Approach? BFG learns about the business model of our client through our “Readiness Assessment” and gives recommendations and solutions that are identified as strengths or weaknesses for the application process.   We interact with your team, providing guidance and support to get your firm to the next level for the submission of the application itself. We DO NOT live on your firm’s balance sheet, making this a long, drawn-out process and are respectful of the resource allocation that exists with your team.  Our assessment is transparent, collaborative and provides clear directions regarding next steps.   We believe that this step is critical to an effective application process.    Our goal goes beyond the application itself, building communication along the way that provides for knowing the end-game - working directly with the GSE’s or Ginnie Mae.


It’s important to know that when you’re asking for outside help, that who you’re working with is not only knowledgeable but has the experience as a lender to guide you not only with knowledge but operationally. With BlackFin you can rest assured knowing there is an entire team behind the scenes contributing to your success.


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