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BlackFin's Secondary advisors are considered top-tier Secondary Marketing Experts who are passionate about helping regional, state, and community – banks, credit unions, and independent mortgage bankers to become more profitable and secure in their secondary marketing strategy.


The Secondary Mortgage Market, and how well it is managed between a lender and its investors, will ultimately impact the lenders interest rates, profitability, cost of funds, risk exposure, and product availability to their homeowners. Managing the Secondary Mortgage Market is sophisticated and rightly so, can be intimidating. To be successful requires a mix of art, science, and experience.

The C-Suite of any lender we work with is balancing countless initiatives and all sides of their business – leaving them little time to learn the science, expertise, and strategies for managing all acquiring all the secondary expertise required to drive effective profitability and mitigate risk. BlackFin Group steps in as the trusted advisor to the C-Suite and Secondary Team to help guide the organization to maximizing profits.

After each engagement, we find the Secondary Marketing team appreciates our partner approach to help strengthen their position and value to the Executive team, and the C-Suite appreciates our fundamental approach that helps them better lead and manage their secondary team. BlackFin Groups Secondary Market experts are veterans in managing the complex secondary market for Top 10 Mortgage Lenders. Our team of experts focus on mitigating risk, reducing leakage, and implementing frameworks that drive more profitable results.

Our Secondary and Capital Markets team are experts in the following areas:

  • Loan & MSR Valuation

  • Multi-Channel Pricing

  • Secondary Optimization Reviews

  • Business Controls (policy, process, procedures)

  • Trading Desk Operations, Strategies, & Technology

  • Loan Sales, Securatization, & Delivery

  • Loan Defect Management Best Practices

  • Lock Desk Operations & Lock Policy Best Practices

  • Governance & Management Strategies/Frameworks

  • Loan Trading, Hedging, Hedging tools, Pipeline, & Inventory Management Systems

  • Hedging, Interest Rate & Risk Management

  • Investor Relations & Managing Product Portfolio Sales / Purchases

  • Investor & Rating Agency Reviews

  • Selling Loans - Flow Mandatory or Bulk Mandatory

  • Best execution Analysis Post-Closing

  • Mandatory/Bulk Deliveries​

BlackFin Groups Secondary Marketing Advisors balance the use of proven strategies, methodologies, and best-practices while leveraging cutting edge secondary approaches that gives your firm the competitive advantage.

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