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Our award winning software selection service.

Banks, Lenders, and Servicers; evaluating and selecting new software  has never been more challenging. You need an unbiased opinion. Between navigating countless software options and a software firms professional sales teams, your team could be at risk of being 'sold' a software platform. When considering over 70% of  all technology projects fail, your team can't afford to make a wrong decision.

Firms can now avoid costly, risky, outdated, and time consuming software selection costs. By leveraging over 150 years of intellectual financial services system insights and expertise, Tech Stack Navigator ensures your team is making the right software investments that fit your tech stack. With BlackFin serving as your honest broker, our Clients now move through the system selection investment process efficiently, effectively, and confidently. Clients receive a final report that will satisfy any bank PMO (risk management) requirements. See our Rapid and Advanced services below.

*BlackFin is not  a reseller of any software vendor. We do not engage in revenue share programs whereby steering your team in a specific direction. Not all consultants, collaboratives, or associations can say the same.

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Within five to seven business days, Clients will receive the top three system recommendations best for their business. This service is best for regional and community banks and credit unions who have less sophisticated integrations and requirements. Clients will also use this services as a quick and inexpensive means to validate their pending software purchase decisions.

COST: $10,299. (avg. consulting fee savings $15k-20k) 


Within five to six weeks, Clients will receive the top three system recommendations best for their  business. This service is best for the large national and regional banks, credit unions, and IMB's. These clients typically have more sophisticated integrations, system requirements, IT Leadership, and experienced project teams to help facilitate implementations. 

COST: $21,500. (avg. consulting fee savings of $20-30k). Consulting engagement covers a year of tech advisory.

We Are Modernizing Software Selection Services
Historically, firms have only had two options for working through a very

difficult, complex, risky, and comprehensive new software selection investment decision.

Option One: Do it themselves. Assign a project team who doesn't typically have a refined framework, strategy, or methodology to quickly guide the organization through this 'mission critical' investment decision process. A team who may not understand the countless business requirements or system capabilities available in the marketplace.

Option Two: Pay an expensive consulting firm who uses an outdated excel based RFP and requires each Client to define 500+ questions to ask vendors. Most of which vendors routinely answer yes, rendering the RFP useless. An exhaustive, outdated, and expensive consulting fee that is rinsed and repeated with each Client.

At BlackFin, your consultants aren't the typical career consulting advisors who haven't ever actually done the work of selecting and then implementing a new system. Each team member has operated in the role of either building new financial services technologies, led system selections and implementations as project managers, ran QA testing, built and delivered training, and served as system administrators.
Our Tech Stack Navigator service will focus on what matters most to you and your team. We know the right questions to ask. Our experience ensures you are getting the best recommendations that will deliver project success.

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