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BlackFin is at the forefront of the lending industry. Why? Because of our people. 


We consider our team-members the most valuable assets of our firm and is why we invest so heavily in things like culture, training and development, and cutting edge tools. While we may not always be hiring - we are always keeping track of the most valuable and talented lending professionals in our industry.


Folks who have their own agenda and don't think or operate as a team are quickly exposed and find themselves on an island unto their own. We are interested in best-in-class teammates who are specialized, proven assets, and share our passion for serving clients with the highest levels of integrity and performance standards. We are seeking people who want to be a part of an amazing TEAM. We are seeking Individuals who understand, and are committed to, our values, vision, and mission. If that's you, send us your resume. If there is an opening for your specialization, we will reach out for an initial introduction meeting. If you don't hear from us that doesn't mean we aren't interested, it just means the timing isn't aligned. 

You can email your resume to

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