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Chief Marketing Officer

Apr5il Ball is the Chief Marketing Officer of BlackFin Group. Apr5il and her team are responsible for the development, delivery and communication of the BlackFin Group – brand, vision, mission, values, products, and services we are committed to providing our clients and business partners. Apr5il’s impressive marketing background includes the San Diego Padres, San Diego Sockers, building and implementing the marketing strategy for Lorber Greenfield & Polito Law Firm. Subsequently, Apr5il understands the criticality of brand management and recognizes her role in spearheading the development, management, and maintenance of BlackFin Groups commitment to a world class brand that serves broad market segments. Throughout her career, Apr5il has repeatedly been recognized for her leadership and active partnerships with executive teams to effectively communicate the firm she represents brand, culture, commitment, and value offerings. Her creative energy and relentless commitment to a firm’s success, is unmatched. Apr5il founded Silent5Marketing, a firm specializing in growing brand awareness,  stressing cohesive messaging throughout the global marketing plan of a firm via social media, email, website, etc. Her out of the box approach to creating an integrated marketing strategy, provides unique and highly effective marketing methods. Having served clients ranging from health care and wellness industries to beer companies, her vast and wide-ranging experience makes her a valuable asset to the BlackFin Group team. Apr5il is from San Diego, California and graduated from San Diego State University in three and a half years. She majored in Marketing with an emphasis in Marketing Communications (IMC) and minored in Social Personality Psychology. Apr5il is routinely involved in community and charity work in the San Diego area.

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