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A mortgage industry veteran with more than 35 years of experience, Dan Green is a consultant with BlackFin Group where he focuses on high performance lending. In this role he writes about the key metrics that determine lender performance and counsels industry executives on setting and achieving their goals for profitability and growth.

Green has received his BSBA, with an emphasis in accounting, finance and economics from Michigan Technological University. He began his career with credit unions as an accounting and investment manager where he learned the ins and outs of mortgage banking accounting. He became a full-time mortgage banker with CUNA Mutual Mortgage in the mid-1990s, joining as chief marketing officer, working with credit unions on retail, wholesale and correspondent lending programs as well as mortgage loan servicing.

He joined Prime Alliance Solutions, one of the pioneers in mortgage lending point of sale systems, as its chief operations and marketing officer, growing the company until it was acquired by Mortgage Cadence, where he served as executive vice president of marketing, with a few years in operations and IT security, until June of 2020.

He began a lending performance project in 2010 that continues to this day. Green originally set out to prove that mortgage lending technology improves lending performance and, therefore, profitability. He learned far more than that; those learnings inform the work he does with BlackFin Consulting.

Green, both analyst and technician, has been described as a clear-eyed realist who also happens to be a strong and colorful communicator who makes complex concepts simple to understand.

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