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The Next Generation of Digital

Moving beyond, Digital Transformation. In this age of widespread innovative offerings, the rise of 5G and IoT, the ubiquitous and meteoric rise of data, and the uncertainty of business and trade, what alternatives and roadmaps should FSBO’s (Financial Services and Banking Organization’s) be adopting?

2010 to 2015 Digital Trnsfrmtn.PNG

FSBO’s have built core competencies around digital, due to consumer and product expansions that required vast data sources.  Yet, when FSBO leaders speak about the transformation of digital in their enterprise, are they referring to the processes, technology, models, consumers, partners – or are they encompassing just the transformation of the data into a digital format? 

Digital Trnsfrmtn 2015 to 2019.PNG

Today over 90% of FSBO leadership teams believe that digital transformation is a core competency.  However, a deeper dive into their responses showcases that the traditional ETL (extraction, transformation, and load) skills and methods—NOT actual digital transformation of the enterprise, its products and services, and its profitability.



Entering the Next Digital Age in 2020

At BlackFin Group, we recognize the complexity surrounding these nuances that are addressed with precision targeting of these solutions, and not the traditional model of prescribing a method or selecting a toolset, simply because someone was selling their software. Moreover, our experiential, globally skilled workforce and customers require the next generation of digital transformation designed and required for a world now operating within the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Given our history across FSBO’s, the innovation pushing us into advanced technologies (e.g., AI, VR, BCDLT, security), and the reality that the economic and social models are rapidly evolving, we at BlackFin Group

Our d.LEVERAGE model introduces the new and required innovation experience to expanded beyond monolithic, flat solutions and into layered ones using emerging data sciences and technologies. Digital transformation is no longer something we do because as a FSBO it helps drive our efficiencies and quality—instead, being digital and integrated across our enterprise is now mandated by consumers seeking value-added benefits to aid their lives.  So as risks increase due to consumer, political, and financial shifts, have we defined how our traditional digital investments are able to be leveraged moving forward?  What are we expecting from them tomorrow?  And, are we confusing digitization (i.e., data being in digital format) with digital transformation (i.e., the value proposition impacting processes, business models, partnerships, and insights)?

We have developed a comprehensive precision framework (as shown) which provides linkages across digitalization, digital transformation and now into digital leverage.  At BlackFin Group, this model represents decades of practitioner’s real-world experiences. 

When referring to the d.LEVERAGE diagram, and applying experiential lessons learned, we can visually see how new consumer demand solutions can be incorporated by recognizing and assembling digital solutions in layers and using leveraged offerings (moving into iterations and away from big-bang implementations). 

As FSBO leaders, the idea and programs that incorporate digital leverage also benefits partners, our non-industry touchpoints, and builds core competencies (with sufficient skill sets) to not just compete, but to lead markets with continuous innovation. 

At BlackFin Group, digital leverage is not about throwing away what you have done with one generation of innovation to move into another, it is about anticipating and influencing incremental and disruptive events. 

At BlackFin Group, digital leverage is not singularly about growth or profitability, but the application of methods, tools and techniques that utilize the stored value within the enterprise, while providing to your staff and partners leadership, discovery, and reinforcement to continuously innovate in an industry where competitive pressures force over 250 firms every year, out of business.

At BlackFin Group, we are protecting your current and future market position, while advancing your organization to the new digital age. Contact us now to learn more about how we can help advance your banking, financial services, or mortgage lending institution into the next generation of digital.

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