Base Offering: 1 Day

Reduce turnover costs by improving your ‘On Boarding’ strategy. According to Gallup, 88% of organizations don't onboard well, and studies show effective onboarding is key to employee retention and proficiency. Employee turnover is expensive - 16% of average annual salary. This training offers a complete paradigm shift for how you onboard and will equip you with the tools to dramatically increase the effectiveness of your onboarding, potentially putting you in that rare 12% of organizations Gallup responders that do a great job of onboarding!


  • Why a good onboarding program is critical in today's marketplace.

  • What an effective onboarding, and ineffective program look like.

  • Steps to avoid in your onboarding program.

  • How to build and implement a new onboarding program.

Who Will Benefit

  • Hiring Managers

  • Executives

  • HR Teams

Team Meeting

Delivered by credentialed ATD Master Trainers, training sessions with the BlackFin Group are designed to achieve exactly these things and unleashing the full potential of your organization.