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Base Offering: 1 Day

Communication is the key to any team, project or client success. Have you ever been frustrated with not understanding what someone really is trying to say, or with others understanding your message? This training will pull back the curtain, showing how to effectively communicate with your co-workers, and how to better understand how they are trying to communicate with you. These tools will equip you to be a better manager, leader, co-worker, and employee. Don't wait, effectiveness is at your fingertips!


  • Understanding what your preferred communication style is.

  • The ability to identify the preferred communication style of someone else.

  • How to effectively communicate with others, using their preferred style.

  • The importance of why you should identify and apply these styles.

  • How to identify the communication style of a body of people.

Who could benefit from attending:

  • Executives

  • Coaches

  • Managers

  • Leaders

  • Development Teams

  • Individual Contributors

Business People Talking

Delivered by credentialed ATD Master Trainers, training sessions with the BlackFin Group are designed to achieve exactly these things and unleashing the full potential of your organization.

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