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Harness the Power of Your Digital Data

If you haven’t realized it yet, digital marketing is our future. Consumers are spending less time watching tv, listening to classic radio, and reading physical magazines and newspapers. Consumers are spending their time on screens! Consumers are streaming video, streaming music, and getting their news from online publications. Most of the consumed content is coming via smart phones, tablets, and computers. We are seeing a decline in cable sales, radio listeners, and magazine and newspaper subscriptions. Screens have created a new market known as digital media. This is great news for businesses because unlike classic marketing channels, digital media provides concrete numbers and metrics to support views and engagement. This is an invaluable tool for marketers that make marketing dollars last longer and go further.

In order to stay on trend and capture the consumers, a business must go where the consumers are - screens. Now more than ever our marketing strategies need to be integrated, creative, targeted, and systematic. With digital media providing the power of data, marketing can now become more intentional and targeted. Data allows companies to streamline effective marketing. We can see with computer calculated numbers what is working and what isn’t.

Digital Data is making marketing more effective by providing the consumers with what they subconsciously desire – whether they know it or not. For example, if a video gets more views or clicks over a picture with the same message, you can assume more people are interested in the video. The take-away, post more videos. However, the data can get even more complex. For example, digital data can share the best times to post or share content based on past activity; algorithms calculate posts shared at each time compared to the level of engagement. Numbers tell a story, and we need to be able to read them. Analytics mean nothing if we don’t understand them.

Interpreting digital marketing analytics is not an easy task. Sometimes you need to bring in the professionals. Knock, knock! We’re here! BlackFin Group thoroughly understands the definition and implementation of each piece of data pushed out by digital media platforms. We are highly trained in interpreting digital analytics and reporting them back to you, the business owner, in simple, easy to understand reports. We take the data and metrics and bring them down to an elementary level so you really understand what you’re getting through your digital marketing.

Are you ready to harness the power of your numbers and start marketing effectively? Then don’t wait, your future customers aren’t, your competition isn’t. Email us today to set up your FREE phone consultation.

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