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Mortgage Bankers, Which Side Are You On?

November 2, 2023

By Julie Piepho, Principal, BlackFin Group

Even though the Mortgage Bankers of America is forecasting a higher closed volume for 2024, the optimism for 2024 is already fading. Provided the 10-year bond remains high it’s been said that we’re still at only two thirds of the actual personnel that still needs to be laid off. Added to that, in some areas of the United States we are just now going into the slow season due to weather. Oh, and let’s not forget, we don’t have inventory anywhere.

Subsequently, first-time homebuyers are the initial targets in everyone’s strategic plan because they need housing – be it rental or homeownership.

With all this happening and the year 2023 now less than two months away from being in the books, we all know nothing happens after Thanksgiving, let me ask you this question as you look out on the horizon – will you let things happen to you, or will you make things happen?

Whether you ‘let things happen to you’ or ‘make things happen’ will largely depend on your perspective and approach to life. Both attitudes can be applicable in different situations.

Option one, let things happen to you…

Sometimes, it's important to accept the flow of life and let events unfold naturally without trying to control everything. This approach can be beneficial for embracing spontaneity, adapting to unforeseen circumstances, and finding peace in the present moment. However, it's essential to maintain a balance and not become passive in situations where action is necessary for personal growth or progress. It’s also not beneficial for your financials or warehouse. You can’t control the bond market, the Fed, the housing inventory (unless you have relationships with builders), so sitting at your desk and being in paralysis analysis around these items you can’t control might put you psychologically and physically down where you do nothing. Paralyzed.

Option two, making things happen…

On the other hand, taking an active role in shaping your life and striving to achieve your goals is crucial for personal and business development success. By setting clear intentions, making plans, and taking proactive steps, you can create opportunities and realize your aspirations. This mindset fosters a sense of empowerment, determination, and resilience, enabling you to overcome challenges and reach new heights.

Once again, this is the time to ensure your 2024 strategic plan is clear and concise and communicate it clearly to all your employees. Set sales plans and goals. Keep your eye on the prize at the end of this cycle. As in previous blogs I’ve written, you do have to inspect what you expect and not let your investment be managed by others to your detriment.

Finding a balance between these two approaches is often key to navigating your business and life effectively. Sometimes it's essential to take a step back and allow things to unfold naturally, while in other instances, it's crucial to take charge and actively pursue your goals. Understanding when to apply each approach is a valuable skill that can lead to a more fulfilling and well-rounded life.

Julie Piepho, CMB, is a Principal Consultant with BlackFin Group in the Mortgage Strategy Practice. Julie is nationally recognized as a Mortgage Strategy Consulting expert with over four decades’ experience leading and coaching sales and operations teams while in executive roles at Cornerstone Mortgage, Norwest Mortgage and Wells Fargo Mortgage. She holds the prestigious Master Certified Mortgage Banker designation from the Mortgage Bankers Association. For more information on how we can help contact

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