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Our team of consulting experts specialize in things like strategy, technology delivery, technology selection, software testing, business and technology innovation, capital markets, new products and business channels, business transformation, training, change management, business reviews...

What makes us different? We are committed to delivering efficient, effective, and profitable results.


Visit our About Us page to learn why we're not the average consulting firm...

Our Clients Include: National, Regional, State, and Community - 
Banks, Credit Unions, Consumer Lending and Mortgage Banking Institutions

Per the Project Management Institute, over 76% of all projects, strategies, and initiatives fail. Our proven frameworks, methodologies, consulting strategies, and teams - make sure you're in the 24% that succeed. 

Our broad range of solutions and services will provide your team the flexible project support and expert resources your firm wants.

Our collaborative spirit and relentless commitment to your success will deliver the confidence your team needs.

Our goal is to bring your the best resources, fixed rates fees where possible, have a get-in-get-out approach, and keep costs down.


BlackFin Group, Delivering The Change Your Firm Wants With Peace of Mind...



BlackFin Group's 'Innovation Leadership Cohort' is the leader in developing and delivering innovation to the Financial Services industry. Comprised of notable industry leaders - we are working together to advance the financial services industry. ​If you're interested in joining our cohort or sponsoring, please email us at