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The lending industry is highly complex. Between outdated 'static' business intelligence software and listening to people routinely lecture about volume, rates, and production outlook - the reality is that there is no actionable intelligence or business recommendations to help you make critical business decisions, faster.


BlackFin provides you with actionable data and insights. Our expert BI Consulting advisors partner with Clients to guide our clients on how to more effectively analyze, understand, and leverage BI to make better business decisions. Our expertise ranges from creating a custom data strategy to developing and implementing data warehouses and dashboards; to integrating disparate data platforms and more. Our team specializes in providing industry leading frameworks, formulas, data analysis, and reports that drive more profitable business decisions. Our BI Consulting advisors are committed to helping improve your operations, reduce risks, and drive profitability. Our Business Intelligence Consulting Includes: 

  • Data Assessment: Assess the organization's data infrastructure, sources, quality, and accessibility to understand the current state of data management.

  • Strategy Development: Based on the assessment, our consultants help develop a BI strategy aligned with the organization's goals, identifying key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics that matter most.

  • Technology Selection: Our consultants assist in selecting the appropriate BI tools and technologies to support the organization's needs, considering factors such as scalability, usability, and integration capabilities.

  • Data Modeling and Warehousing: Our BI consultants design data models and architecture, including data warehouses or data lakes, to centralize and optimize data storage and accessibility.

  • Data Analysis and Visualization: Our consultants perform data analysis to derive insights from the data, using techniques such as statistical analysis, predictive modeling, and machine learning. They also create visualizations and dashboards to present the insights in a clear and actionable manner.

  • Implementation and Integration: Our team can support the implementation of BI solutions, ensuring seamless integration with existing systems and workflows.

  • Training and Support: We provide training to users on how to use BI tools effectively and offer ongoing support to address any issues or questions that arise.

  • Continuous Improvement: Most importantly, our consultants work with organizations to continually refine and optimize their BI processes and systems, adapting to changing business needs and technological advancements.


We aim to empower organizations to harness the full potential of their data assets, enabling data-driven decision-making and gaining a competitive edge in their respective industries.

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