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Christopher Call is Principal of BlackFin’s Professional Services Division. Christopher brings over 25 years of mortgage lending and technology experience. Christopher served in key management roles of originations and mortgage technology while at Argent Mortgage, Mortgage Cadence, and SourcePoint mortgage solutions. His career in consulting mortgage technology vendors on multiple fronts is extensive. He began his career in mortgage originations as Processor, Jr. Underwriter, Appraisal Reviewer, Doc Prep, and Wholesale Account Management. Recognized for his team leadership and expanded view of mortgage operations and strategy, he was appointed to lead Operations at Argent mortgage which included originations and corporate training. Mentored by Steve Williams, author of Learning Paths, Christopher co-created the organization's corporate training program, later recognized by CampusMBA in 2005 as a Best-in-Class Corporate training program. In 2008 Christopher transitioned into Mortgage Technology. He became certified in Quality Assurance (QA Testing) and mastered the art of QA. He created automated, hyper efficient, testing methodologies whereas he could test 80% of origination systems by validating workflow rules engine, calculations, automated documentation generation, tasking, rules, field validations using core systems through automation – with little to no financial investment required. Using industry standard testing tools. Throughout his career in mortgage tech Christopher has worn the hat of Business Analyst, Project Manager, Product Support, and Product Management helping triage issues, design solutions, write requirements and document designs for development and testing. Collectively he has tied together all the components of the system from back-end SQL database analysis, front-end UI development and design, calculations engine, rules engine logic, third-party integrations and so on and the different roles and responsibilities of each of these positions. He has served his clients in the role of Principal Implementation Consultant, Solution Architect, Director of Implementations, and Vice President of Professional Services. Each role designing solutions to client needs and performed the system configuration and testing validations while designing department methodologies to implement faster, on-time, and on-budget for mid to large lenders. Helping lenders define scope of an engagement, level of effort to deliver the scope, staff needed, the cost model, roles, and responsibilities of both the provider and the client, the risks, dependencies, assumptions and overall delivery timeline. Christopher’s impressive background positions him to be well qualified to assist in each of our clients’ Professional Service needs. Working with Christopher will ensure that you have a partner considering all aspects of your operations when looking for help on a given project and to ensure there are no gotcha's or unforeseen developments along the path of implementation.

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