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Welcome to FIN MEDIA. 

Your marketing and PR Services company. 

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Wanting to build a world class brand?

The key to brand success today now requires a careful balance between art, science, and - technology. Thanks to AI, costly, traditional, marketing strategies, and the days of needing a large marketing team (content writers, graphic designers, social media experts, etc.) - those days are now over...When working with Fin Media, you now only need one or two key marketing people. 

FIN Media now provides the lending industry (lenders, loan officers, software vendors, and services providers) a comprehensive, AI Driven, marketing tool set and services that will significantly reduce your customer acquisition cost, drive lead to sales turn-times, and eliminate the need for a traditional marketing team. Fin Media is delivering the modern marketing approach. Building a world class brand no longer requires a massive marketing budget. Learn more below.

FIN MEDIA Services

Available as a consultant or service and support delivery

  • Targeted Email: Provide email marketing database lists.

  • Marketing Strategy and Management (businesses and sales teams)

  • Branding Strategy and Development

  • Event Management, Presence and Collateral

  • Social Media Strategy, Design & Management

  • Media planning and Management (Digital, OOH, OTT) 

  • Public Relations Management

  • Marketing analytics and dashboards (press releases)

  • Video Scripting and Production

  • Audio/Radio scripting and production (Internet and traditional)

  • Podcast development, scripting and production

  • Reputation/ Reviews management (ongoing, and request automations)

  • Paid digital media (SEM, Social Ads, Programmatic display)

  • Geofencing, Geotargeting

  • Foreign Language Content Translation

  • SEO Services & Management

  • Online Community Management

  • Influencer Channel Management

  • Branded Assets, Periodicals, & Brochures

  • Press Release Development & Distribution

  • Access to Key Industry Leaders

  • Access to Thought Leadership Forums

  • Access to Webinars, Speaking, Awards, & Panels, etc.

  • Channel and Distribution Partnerships

  • Direct marketing strategy and management

  • Announcements (Launches, M&A, etc.) Messaging

  • Content Development & Publishing (blogs, white papers, reports, articles)

  • Quarterly Buyer and Seller Guides

  • Campaign Management including drip email, SMS, media

  • CRM Automation and Database Management

  • Lead Nurture Programs (including Newsletters and case studies)

  • Regulatory Compliance Review and Approvals of advertising.

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