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A New Classic Christmas Tune…Maybe

Who doesn’t love a good Christmas Carol. While most of these tunes have now been shelved until next holiday season, our own Dan Green couldn’t get one tune out of his head and so he wrote his own version of a popular yuletide classic.

Don’t worry, it’s not Mariah Carey. But it does come with a painful punchline for the mortgage industry. As he writes in his post on HousingWire’s blog:

“The holiday season is winding down. So is the 24-month refinance market, the biggest of its kind in all of mortgage banking history. All good things must end. And this time, the most wonderful time of the year gives way to what, in the mortgage industry, could be the most awfullest time of the year.”

Find out exactly why one of BlackFin Group’s most experienced consultants is humming this tune by checking out his post on

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