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The Secret Ingredient for Effective Implementation

For years now, mortgage technologists have debated the most difficult aspects of new technology implementation. Some will say that it’s choosing the right platform. Others feel that it’s configuring the tools to fit the strategic priorities of the lenders. Still others will tell you that it’s integrating the new tools with legacy systems that is the real challenge.

They are all right in that they have identified the most common challenges that lenders face whenever they implement new tools. But they are all wrong when it comes to the most difficult aspect of the job.

In my long experience in this industry, I have found that the single most challenging aspect of implementing any new technology -- or in fact any change in the enterprise -- is establishing trust.

The lender must trust the technology partner or the choice of new technology will never be made. The lender’s IT department must trust the technology developer’s implementation team or it will never be installed correctly. I’ve seen this too many times. Finally, the lender’s staff must trust that the new tools will actually make their jobs easier or they will never adopt and everything the lender has invested will be wasted.

Trust, more than anything else, is the key to effective implementation.

When I started BlackFin, I wanted to build a company that our lender clients could trust to successfully implement between them and their vendor partner, to serve as liaison between the lender and the third parties that would integrate with the new tool and, on some occasion, with the lenders staff as part of a training module.

I knew that without trust, BlackFin Group would not grow and our lender clients would not succeed.

I’ve paid a high price to build a company that our clients can trust, even when it requires replacing key members of my own team to ensure we deliver on both our brand and promise.

A price I have been willing to pay and will always be willing to pay it. It’s the only way our clients will get that secret ingredient that ensures their implementation success.

BlackFin Groups Implementation Services ensures successful delivery of your technology projects.

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