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Break the screen-gridlock and position your firm to achieve more.  BlackFin Groups Engage training centers around the increasingly critical, but often overlooked, non-verbal aspects of communication in today's world. With a focus on the subtle aspects of the art of non-verbal communication, this class will potentially redefine how one conducts themselves in today's marketplace, and equip oneself to increase your effectiveness in the workplace.


  • The differences between verbal and non-verbal communication.

  • The importance of non-verbal communication in today's world.

  • What is the impact of screens in today's workplace.

  • Identifying screen gridlock, and techniques for addressing it in your company.

Who could benefit from attending:

  • Managers

  • HR Teams

  • Executives

  • Leaders

Group Meeting

Delivered by credentialed ATD Master Trainers, training sessions with the BlackFin Group are designed to achieve exactly these things and unleashing the full potential of your organization.

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