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BlackFin Group, Delivering Change

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Written by Keith Kemph, President & CEO

Somebody recently asked, how I would describe what BlackFin Group does? Wanting to give a thoughtful answer, I took a second to reflect. I quickly found there was no better way to summarize our ‘why’ than the so profoundly clear answer, Delivering Change! It seemed fitting our team adopted this as our 2020 slogan.

Admittedly, I initially tried to lobby for a retired slogan from a former firm, ‘we play by different rules.’ Not to say we are careless renegades, but moreover to help demonstrate how we are not your average mortgage banking consulting firm. In the end, there was no better explanation than highlighting our commitment to helping deliver change.

When I ask CEO’s, ‘who do they want to be’? 90% of the time, I find they cannot answer the question. They literally do not have an answer. Respectfully, how can you steer the ship if you cannot answer that question? When starting BlackFin Group, I set out making sure I answered that question. We want to be known for; Service (Ritz Carlton Standards), Resources (Thee Best-in-Class), Google of Mortgage Banking Consulting (what do you need help with), Innovation (Apple like thought leadership), Coca Cola Brand (thirst for more), and a Goldman Sachs culture (everybody wants in).

I firmly believe, when the vision is clear, everything else becomes easy. While I like to highlight who BlackFin Group is, I also like to highlight who we are not. We are not, a group of folks who are half retired or a couple folks looking to meet a lifestyle income standard. Instead, we are authentically focused and committed to helping clients achieve change (ROI) on business and technology projects.

Whether it is strategy, sales/marketing, operations, technology, training or App Dev needs – BlackFin Group is helping deliver change. As evidenced by the Independent Mortgage Bankers, Community Banks, Tech Vendors, and Credit Union Mortgage teams we have worked with; they all tell us that our decades of knowledge, intel, experience, and expertise in mortgage banking and mortgage technology – accompanied by our overall approach is successfully delivering change.

When considering over 65% of all projects, world-wide, fail, it is important that you have a partner who is an expert in both, mortgage banking and delivering change.

Keith Kemph is President & CEO of BlackFin Group. He is a twenty-seven-year veteran of the mortgage banking, consumer lending, and financial services industry. Keith has dedicated his career to helping firms ensure successful execution of critical business and technology projects that will allow them to operate more efficiently and effectively.

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