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What you can’t afford NOT do with your marketing

There are extensive amounts of content circling the internet telling you what you need to do for a rockstar marketing plan to bring in the big bucks. But! Which of those pieces in a marketing plan are going to keep you from losing money? A company can spend thousands of dollars a month on a marketing plan, but the cost is pointless if the energy is being spent in the wrong areas.

Here are the top three elements you need to include in your marketing strategy to make sure you are not hemorrhaging your marketing dollars.

1. Consistent Social Media Presence

Social media is an easy task to mark off the check list, but a lot of companies create the accounts, post for a few weeks, and then forget about social media all together. A brand is not going to grow without consistent posting. Social media algorithms are designed to rank active users higher. How do you become an active user? Use the app… regularly. Dedicate a specific amount of time each day to posting content related to your company. THEN, dedicate a second amount of time each day to scroll through social media platforms and engage with interesting content in your industry, peer or colleague group, or in your community. Social media is not just about posting your most recent blog article and then forgetting about it. You must interact with other posts as well to truly create a consistent social media presence. Do this every day and make it a habit.

2. Quick Response Communication

Where it be through email, phone calls, social media direct messages, or any other form of communication, respond quickly! Don’t lose a sale because you put a LinkedIn message on the backburner while you prepped for tomorrow’s meeting. Sending a response takes seconds out of your day but repays you ten-fold in customer service. Clients and potential customers appreciate constant, efficient, and direct communication and this sets the tone for the type of business you are going to conduct post sale.

3. Diversified Content

When you are sharing content online, remember not all consumers are the same. Some people absorb content through podcasts while others through video or written text. You can take one piece of content and create multiple mediums with it. By sharing the same message in different ways, you are capitalizing on each different type of internet consumer. In addition, be sure to stagger your content topics. Not every piece of content you share needs a hard-hitting article or a sales graphic. Humanize your brand by sharing photos of your team in the office, in the community, or participating in activities. Your content does not always have to be about your products and services. Consider lightening the mood and catching people off guard with a curve ball.

Finding the right combination of marketing efforts for your business can be a challenging task. There is no “one size fits all” marketing strategy. BlackFin understands that. Our team of highly skilled marketing professionals are trained to make your dollar go farther by creating a plan and strategy specifically tailored to your business, budget, and goals. What works for some companies might not work for you. BlackFin is ready to figure out what your secret sauce is.

April Ball is Director of Marketing Services at BlackFin Group. April develops, delivers, and supports her BlackFin Clients with their Marketing needs. April’s impressive marketing background includes marketing support of the San Diego Padres, San Diego Sockers, BlackFin Group, building and implementing the marketing strategy for Lorber Greenfield & Polito Law Firm. For More information contact April at

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