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Invest in your staff by helping them better understand the most significant and complex, investment they’ll ever make – buying or refinancing a home. Leveraging our firms consulting practice in mortgage banking, we’ve designed this course as a critical ‘value add’ for your staff. The knowledge and insight gained will help them reduce stress, save time, and save money - while learning the best places to go for getting a mortgage. A class they don’t teach us in high school – but should. A class that will benefit your staff, and their families, for a lifetime.


  • Building and leveraging your credit.

  • How to choose a great mortgage lender.

  • The full lifecycle of the mortgage process. How to achieve success.

  • The pitfalls and hurdles to get a mortgage loan.

Who Will Benefit

  • New Hire Staff

  • Day-to-Day Staff

  • Middle Management

  • Executive Teams

  • Mortgage Banking Software Firms

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Delivered by credentialed ATD Master Trainers, training sessions with the BlackFin Group are designed to achieve exactly these things and unleashing the full potential of your organization.

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